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Display Systems

Right Sponge Corrugate Display

With four (4) different types of sponges, multiple sizes and several packaging options, we needed an effective system to display our sponges and communicate their various features and benefits. We turned to a well-regarded store design and deployment agency to develop a new and innovative sponge display system. We call it "The Right Sponge Display" as it is designed to help contractors and distributor personnel choose…”the right sponge for every job”. This eye catching corrugated display has oversized colored pictures of our various sponges and verbiage of company tagline…"The World's Greatest Grout Sponge". Feature and Benefit cards can be attached to the displays that identify key product attributes.

The ½ round display measures 39" high by 42" wide by 22" in depth with three divided storage areas. Depending on the sponge size, approximately 250 sponges can be stored. The clever design allows two ½ round displays to be combined back to back for a larger more dramatic full-round display system. For added impact, SpongaUSA has the ability to customize the "Right Sponge Display" by adding distributors’ logos on the 5½" by 8½" Features and Benefits cards that are attached to the display.

Wire Display Rack

Also available to display our sponges is a more traditional wire display rack. The white wire display measure 20" x 36" x 48" and holds approximately 400 sponges. A heavy-duty SpongaUSA sign attaches to the front of the display.

Feature & Benefit Cards

For added impact, we can add your logo to Feature and Benefit cards. Each 5½" by 8½" card helps contractors, showroom personnel, and do-it-yourselfers choose the right sponge for their projects.


Sponga USA History Video

To learn more about our SpongaUSA history, product line, and manufacturing facility watch this brief video.

Gas Explosion Reticulation Process Video

To learn more about our gas explosion reticulation process from our Greek partner, watch this informative video.

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