The OMNI 4-Tiered Display measures 32” wide by 78” in height by 20” in depth with four (4) shelves. Oversized Product Recommendation Header Sign acts as a “silent salesmen” for assistance in choosing the Sealer, Cleaner and Problem Solving products. The Header Signs can be “personalized’ with Distributors logos. Each shelf has colorful inserts detailing OMNI’s tagline: “Quality. Integrity. Support.” Along with Technical Support Contact information.

The OMNI Countertop Display measures 20” wide by 10” in height by 12” in depth with two (2) shelves. It is a great point-of-purchase display system that can feature as many as 8 separate OMNI products. The countertop display works well at Flooring Dealers to promote impulse and repeat purchases, especially for OMNI Cleaners and Problem Solvers. An 8.5” by 11” laminate Product Recommendation Guide can be attached to the countertop display to support product selection.


The two-sided attention-grabbing OMNI Grout Re-Coloring (colorant) Countertop Sign measures 8.5” wide by 11” in height is shipped in a durable plexiglass holder. One side of sign displays all 40 available colors plus 32 Special Order colors and the other side details product applications steps.

OMNI Product Recommendation Sign measures 32” wide by 28” in height. The Guide details recommendations for 8 OMNI Sealers, 6 OMNI Cleaners, and 14 common Stain and Contaminants Resolutions.  This guide is also available in 11” wide by 8.5” in height.

The OMNI Competitor Product Cross-Reference Chart provides a quick and easy “match” of OMNI product to 5 (five) other Care & Maintenance manufacturers’ products. It is important to note that the competitive manufacturers product offerings were “benchmarked” when OMNI products were formulated. With our penchant for quality and absolute product satisfaction, before any OMNI products came out of our laboratory superior performance had to be measurable.

The OMNI Grout Re-Coloring Sealer Cross Reference chart is designed as a color selection guideline. All of the Grout Re-Coloring Sealer colors are compared and matched to the listed grout manufacturers’ grout channels and paper charts. To assure proper color match, we place a drop of the representative OMNI Grout Re-Coloring Sealer on the specific Grout Manufacturers grout channel, to be certain the Grout Re-Coloring Sealer, when dry, becomes virtually indistinguishable from the balance of the channel. But, color variations may exist. Installed grout joints colors may vary due to job site conditions such as the tile or stone porosity, grout mixing ratios, installation methods, lighting and the ongoing maintenance of the grout joint. The number of coats of Grout Re-Coloring Sealer can also affect final color.

We have a total of 72 (seventy-two) OMNI Grout Re-Coloring Sealer colors available. We created “primary” color matches to 32 (thirty-two) TEC grout colors; 19 (nineteen) Laticrete grout colors; 15 (fifteen) Mapei grout colors; and 6 (six) Custom Building Products grout colors. Our designer identified hundreds of “secondary” matches to other grout colors in which the colors a very, very close. However, it is always advisable to test in a small inconspicuous area to determine desired results.