Legacy Built on Supplying the Best

Decades of Dedication in Tile and Stone Industry

The Best of Everything (BOE) company stands as a testament to the lifelong dedication and stellar reputations forged by Rick Baldini and Rich Maggio in the Tile and Stone Industry. With a history of successful operations and a knack for innovation, these two visionaries joined forces to create the finest brands of Tile & Stone installation accessories. 

Setting the Gold Standard 

Excellence in Every Product 

Every BOE product is carefully designed to meet the exacting standards demanded by discerning Contractors and Installers. Our logistic business model offers Tile & Stone Wholesale Distributors the coveted option of vendor consolidation, more efficient freight programs, improved inventory management, top-tier sales & customer care support, and competitive prices—all backed by a rock-solid 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Rick's Journey to Entrepreneurial Triumph

From Fortune 500 to Building a Legacy

Rick Baldini’s journey to entrepreneurship was a path well-traveled. He honed his skills in process and procedure while ascending through the ranks at three separate Fortune 500 building products companies. But it was when he seized the opportunity to become President and part owner of a small, family-owned Care & Maintenance company that Rick truly came into his own. Over his twelve-year tenure, the company grew into the most recognized brand of Care & Maintenance products, culminating in its favorable sale to a strategic Industry buyer.

Rich's Lifetime of Expertise 

A Lifelong Affair with Tile & Stone Tools

Rich Maggio’s life has been intertwined with Tile & Stone Installation Tools from a young age. He cut his teeth in the family business, Superior Featherweight Tools, taking on increasingly diverse roles, including sales, product development, design, and both domestic and international manufacturing. His contributions not only bolstered his family’s business but also garnered significant brand recognition within the Contractor community, leading to an advantageous acquisition by a strategic Industry buyer. 

SpongaUSA: A Greek Gem

Craftsmanship and Quality Unveiled 

In 2010, Rick and Rich embarked on their first entrepreneurial venture together, when they started SpongaUSA. They collaborated with a sponge manufacturer on the small Greek Island of Kalymnos, a place with more than a half century of sponge knowledge and experience. The SpongaUSA brand of sponges was swiftly embraced by Contractors and Installers who admired the Greek craftsmanship and quality. Today, these sponges are renowned as the World’s Greatest Grout Sponges, available in various formulations, sizes, and packaging configurations, including the highly sought-after Premium Extra-Large 30-piece vacuum pack.

Primo Tools: A Masterpiece in Innovation

Elevating the World of Tile & Stone Tools 

The next chapter in Baldini and Maggio’s journey was the creation and launch of Primo Tools. Leveraging Rich’s extensive knowledge in manufacturing Tile & Stone installation tools, Rick’s industry contacts and an acute understanding of Contractors’ preferences, Primo’s success was virtually assured. Primo not only introduced high-quality traditional installation tools but also showcased numerous innovative, Contractor-inspired products like the Back Butter Buddy, Bucket Brush, and WringMaster. Their commitment to innovation remains unwavering, with products like the patented Vortex, Lippage Eliminator II, and TrueBlue Grout Floats—designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the installation marketplace. 

OMNI Care & Maintenance: Sealing the Next Step

Quality, Integrity, and Support Redefined 

In 2013, BOE expanded its repertoire with the introduction of the OMNI Care & Maintenance brand. Guided by three simple yet potent principles—Quality, Integrity, and Support—OMNI emerged as a “brand-new” Care & Maintenance entity, built on the foundation of more than 35 years of Tile & Stone Industry experience. Armed with intimate knowledge of existing Care & Maintenance products, the OMNI line was crafted to outperform the competition, providing superior technical support at competitive prices. This concise, highly effective brand was cultivated through a network of supplier partnerships, delivering the finest sealers, cleaners, and problem solvers. 

A. Bottini Enterprises: A Winning Acquisition

A Synergy of Brilliance 

The year 2016 marked a significant milestone with BOE’s acquisition of A. Bottini Enterprises, founded in 1975. Bottini had grown into one of the most esteemed brands of high-quality tile tools. Recognizing its value, the fusion of Primo and Bottini tools was executed with meticulous precision. This union enabled the company to cater to an even broader spectrum of Contractors and Installers.

BOE Select: Curating Excellence 

Handpicked Selections for Discerning Tastes 

While BOE takes great pride in its proprietary tool designs and manufacturing specifications, it also offers a selection of specialty tools from other manufacturers, known as BOE Select. These products are carefully selected to meet BOE’s rigorous quality and performance standards. And as part of the BOE offering, they provide great purchasing convenience. The combination of Primo/Bottini Tools, OMNI Care & Maintenance, SpongaUSA sponges, and BOE Select truly embodies the “Best of Everything” in Tile & Stone installation accessories.

Beyond Products: The Essence of BOE 

People, Relationships, and Reputation 

At BOE, we firmly believe that business transcends products and programs; it’s about people, relationships, and reputations. Our daily actions are guided by their impact on these critical elements. Success, in our view, is not a one-time achievement but an ongoing pursuit. As such, we are continually striving to be the premier Tile & Stone installation accessories supplier for Contractors and Installers, working in harmony with our Tile & Stone Distributor partners. Our customer commitment drives us to regularly introduce new and improved products, enhance our marketing support programs, recruit and train top-tier Sales Representatives and support staff, develop effective “Contractor Pull-Through” promotions, upgrade our website to provide the most helpful information for Contractors, Installers, and Wholesale Distributors, and most importantly, actively support our Industry Associations.

A Culture of Excellence

Woven into the Fabric of BOE 

As the company has evolved, the “Best of Everything” mindset and culture have become ingrained throughout every facet of our business. We ensure the continuity of this ethos through knowledge sharing and the refinement of processes and procedures. Our unwavering commitment to bringing the best products available to our customers continues to be the guiding light in our journey.

BOE is not just a company; it’s a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a customer-centric focus. Our journey reflects the power of collaboration and unwavering dedication in the Tile and Stone Industry.