OMNI Sealers: Setting the Standard in Care & Maintenance

In 2013, OMNI Sealers was born with a clear vision based on three fundamental principles: Quality, Integrity, and Support. With more than 35 years of experience in the Tile & Stone industry, the OMNI Team embarked on a journey to create a Care & Maintenance company that caters to the needs of Wholesale Distributors and Tile, Stone, and Flooring Contractors/Installers. OMNI’s mission was to be better than all existing Care & Maintenance brands regarding product performance, technical information, marketing support and pricing. To meet this challenge, the OMNI Team rekindled partnerships with trusted raw material suppliers and forged remarkable new alliances. The result? A comprehensive yet streamlined product range backed by a steadfast commitment – a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Understanding the importance of providing exceptional technical support, the OMNI Team painstakingly developed the first generation of the only Care & Maintenance App for the Tile & Stone industry. Now a mobile website, the Care & Maintenance guide ensures contractors and installers have the knowledge and assistance needed to properly seal and clean virtually every known type of stone, tile, grout, and concrete/masonry. The guide also provides comprehensive technical support to help solve most job-site problems.

By employing the Best of Everything (BOE) logistical model, OMNI delivers not only the BEST Products but also the BEST Service, all at the BEST Price.