If for any reason you are not satisfied with any BOE Tool (Primo/Bottini), we will refund your purchase prices. No questions asked!


We created a number highly functional display systems designed to support BOE Tool (Primo/Bottini) sales. These durable, sturdy display are designed and produced in the same factory that manufactures many of the innovative tools.


The BOE “Big Blue” Product Display measures 72” H X 48” W X 18” D and is large enough to present the high volume, high velocity SKU’s as well as the specialty tools that trigger impulse purchases. 

We created a highly versatile display that measures 27” H x 24” W X 28” D and can be used to display our top selling Vortex Leveling System and/or Spacers/Shims. We have separate header signs depending on the products merchandised on the display(s).

BOE Vortex Display Photo

BOE Vortex Display Sign

BOE Spacer/Shim/Wedge Display Sign Photo

Our BOE Cutter Display is strong enough to hold up to five (5) of our cutters…even the highly popular 63” SIRI Italian made Cutter. The display measures 74” H x 20” W x 22” D.

We created Product information Flyers to feature, highlight and train customers on many of our Key Products. Please download any/all of the following Product Information Flyers: 

True Blue Grout Float – Red

True Blue Grout Float

Back Butter Buddy / Bucket Brush / Wringmaster

Box of Blues Gloves

Bucket Roller

Dust Collection: WaleTale; Dust Guard;  Dust Collector

Drain Frame

Floorotex Floor Covering

Grabo: Electric Suction Cup

Knee Board

Hole Saws

Specialty Notch Trowels

Kapro Levels

Laminate Tools

LVT Cutter

Lippage Eliminator ll Leveling System

Lippage Usage Chart

Linear Drain Kit

Microfiber Towel & Sponge

Mixing Tubs

Pistol Grip Suction Cup

Platinum Knee Pads

Power Scraper

Waterproofing Roller & Handle Applicator

Siri Tile Cutter

Super Soft Knee Pads

Trash Bags

Vacuum Brazed Core Bits

Vortex Leveling System

LVT Cutter

Dry Polish Pads & Variable Speed Grinder

36” Economy Cutter

Notch Trowel Guide


Diamond Blades

Goof Proof Corner Shelf

Goof Proof Shower Seat

Goof Proof Shower Seat & StringA-Level

Kirb Perfect

Pre-Pitch System


Center Ring

StringA-Level System

Kapro Ad


BOE Contractor Appreciation Ad