Welcome to the inaugural Best of Everything Blog post! While I may be a little tardy in beginning this journey, I firmly believe in the adage, “better late than never.”

I suspect many of you have ventured into the world of blogging before and have undoubtedly provided immense value to your readers. It is my sincere hope to follow in those footsteps and offer you insights and information that prove beneficial.

This first post aligns perfectly with the launch of our “new and improved” BOE website. For those of you who have been involved in website updates, you’ll understand the complexity involved. Our update was particularly intricate as we aimed to merge our four separate websites (A.Bottini, Primo Tool, OMNI Sealers, and SpongaUSA) under the umbrella of Best of Everything. While navigating this process presented its challenges, we’re thrilled to unveil the “new and improved” BOE website, which truly lives up to its name.

Initially, we embarked on this journey with certain assumptions about what our customers wanted from our website. However, we quickly realized the importance of gathering direct feedback. Through surveys and one-on-one conversations, we gained invaluable insights that redirected our focus. As Yogi Berra aptly put it, “If you do not know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” We were determined to ensure our destination was a valuable resource for our Wholesale Tile & Stone Distributor Customers and their Customers, the Tile & Stone Contractors/Installers.

Unlike some of our competitors, we prioritize directing visitors to our local BOE distributors, with direct online orders only as a last resort. We provide links to Distributors within 50 miles of the visitors search zip code. Furthermore, we extend a personal touch by encouraging individuals to reach out to Jane Broome, our Customer Service / Relationship Manager, at [email protected] or her cell phone at 408.887.0092, should their desired BOE product not be available locally.

Our website is meticulously designed with distributors and contractors in mind, offering easily accessible resources such as Technical Data Sheets, Product Flyers, and Videos. We’ve even developed tools like usage a calculator for our best-selling Leveling Systems products and Sealer and Cleaner product recommendation guides to simplify decision-making. Our creative website team developed a “featured product” roll-over tool that is both functional and very clever. Moreover, our mobile-friendly design ensures seamless browsing across all types of devices.

Additionally, we take pride in showcasing our Henderson, NV operation through a captivating landing page video, highlighting both our dedicated warehouse Team and our state-of-the-art facility.

In addition to these features, our website boasts standard but helpful elements like FAQs, BOE Events, an Industry Calendar, and of course…the BOE Blog.

Looking ahead, we aspire to introduce password-protected logins for distributors, enhancing their ability to place orders, check our inventory and track their BOE orders.

With that, I extend a warm welcome to the first BOE Blog and express my gratitude for visiting the “new and improved” Best of Everything website.